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Information about the activities of
GUP "Senezh Science and Production Laboratory of Wood Protection"

Information about the activities of GUP The primary activity of the "Senezh Science and Production Laboratory of Wood Protection" is development of formulations of wood protective agents to be used under various service and application conditions. The Laboratory possesses equipment and qualified staff required for comprehensive testing and assessing both existing and emerging protective agents for wood and wood materials, development of technologies for their introduction to ensure the required degree of protection.

Being the lead developer of normative documentation on:

  • protective agents and methods,
  • methods for testing protective agents,
  • basic and terminology standards,
  • standards related to safety rules for protection operations with wood and wood materials,
  • methods for determining pre-impregnation moisture content,
  • technology for impregnation of wood products to be sent to countries with tropic climate,
  • dozens of specifications and operating instructions regarding wood protective agents and methods of their application as well as protected products,

the Laboratory can offer prompt and state-of-the-art development of the entire package of normative documentation and specifications for protection technology, production and application of various protective agents.

Well established in Russia and abroad and with certification of Gosstandart as a testing laboratory, it is capable of conducting a range of studies and can arrange for obtaining a certificate of compliance and sanitary certificate for protective agents and protected products.

The Laboratory will assist new saw-milling and wood working facilities in establishing protection units, choosing protective agents and arranging their supply from producers, development and obtaining approval of normative documentation.

For small- and medium-size consumers of protective agents the Laboratory will manufacture protective agents for wood and wood materials optimized for specific application conditions and can carry out protection operations with limited wood batches and items.



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